Services that increase profits from 5% up to 45%

Smartland provides services for the automation of business processes at a farm enterprise

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An electronic field map creation

We use the professional geodetic equipment; determine the exact physical form and size of land plots; digitize the data and create an actual electronic map of the field; provide access to the map from a PC, tablet, and smartphone

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Measurement of soil density

We come to the field with a density meter and analyze the soil. We find seals and measure their depth, indicating the exact coordinates. These data allow to increase the yield and save resources in the processing of the field

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Connection to RTK signal

We provide access to the RTK signal. The maximum accuracy is 2 cm. Positioning is possible throughout the coverage area of the GSM mobile network. You do not need to install your own base stations. High-quality signal reception even in the presence of obstacles on the landscape

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Equipment installation

We modernize obsolete fuel stations of enterprises. We also set up card access systems for refueling of the machinery park and identifying drivers. We install fuel level sensors, meters, flowmeters, and trackers

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Компания Smartland предлагает сотрудничество дилерам по всей Украине. Smartland позволяет интегрировать программное обеспечение в сельскохозяйственный бизнес. Присоединяйтесь к модернизации сельхозпредприятий Украины! Электронная почта для дилеров: