Automation and monitoring equipment

Smartland provides the equipment for automation and modernization of the farm enterprise



Tracker controls the movement of agricultural machinery on the field. Data from the tracker are displayed on the map, with an indication of the trajectory of traffic, the duration of parking and stops in the online mode


The flowmeter records the actual amount of consumed fuel. The device allows you to keep the online record of Fuel flow for equipment moving and performing work.


The fuel level sensors measure the level of fuel in the tank. Based on data on fueling, drain and fuel consumption, visual graphs are created for the remote control of all the work processes.

Agro tablets

The tablet is designed to work on the field. Protected against dust and moisture. A robust case, a powerful battery, and a docking station for connecting peripheral

Course indicators

Simple installation that used on several machines. Reducing costs, high precision and the ability to process fields at any time of the day with the greater productivity.

Fuel station

The access system for obtaining the fuel on RFID cards fixes all the stations, indicating the time, volume, and machine. Counters display a current fuel balance for fuel supply planning.

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